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Screw Air Compressor Valves

5.5KW-315KW screw air compressor valve accessories of various brands, you can find suitable ones in ANKA


ANKA AIV Series Intake Valve

Suitable For Fix Speed Screw Air Compressor


ANKA Minimum Pressure Valve

The MPV takes FKM or PTFE as sealing elements featured with sensitive check function and reliable sealing.


ANKA RH Series Intake Valve

Suitable For PM VSD Screw Air Compressor


ANKA Combination Valve

Imported thermostatic element is featured of long life span, stable and reliable performance.


ANKA Oil Filter Seat

No leakage occurs during usage with low pressure casting technique.


Red Star AIV/JIV Intake Valve

The inlet valve of a screw air compressor offers precise control over air intake, enhancing efficiency and reducing energy consumption.


RSJ Series Inlet Valve

The air intake valve offers a comprehensive solution with its normally closed design, anti-oil injection feature, noise reduction capability, and integrated functions, enhancing both safety and performance


The whole series of rotors are processed by KAPP grinding machine imported from Germany, with high precision and high efficiency.


Baosi Airend-One Stage

Baosi airend is processed by German precision lathes, and is trusted and liked by customers because of its stable quality and low price.


Baosi Airend-Two Stages

The spindle speed is 1480, with low noise and low vibration; the oil circuit design is optimized, and forced atomization oil cooling is adopted between stages, which is closer to isothermal compression.


Hanbell Airend-One stage

Hanbell AB series airend has 6 bearings, making the airend more efficient and longer life


Hanbell Airend-Two stages

Two-stage compression energy saving, near isothermal compression, high energy efficiency, integrated shell structure, reduce pressure loss in the body, easy assembly of the unit and the body

Cooler System

The cooling system of the screw air compressor is very important, especially in summer, the strong cooling effect is particularly important. Poor heat dissipation will affect the efficiency and even life of the air compressor.


Axial Fan

FZY series axial flow fans are external rotor motors. This series of external rotor motors has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient installation.


Centrifugal fan

The centrifugal fan can be more air flow with less energy consumption.


Heat Exchanger

ANKA engineering team is continually developing additional fin geometries to improve heat transfer efficiency so we can meet or exceed your expectations.

Filter and Separator

During the compression process, outside contaminants such as water vapor and dust are mixed in with the hot oil. Once the air has cooled down at the end of the compression process, contaminated condensate is generated. ANKA filter can perfectly replace the original one, saving your maintenance cost.


Air Filter

To ensure optimal air movement and prevent the risk of contamination by particulate matter, compressor systems are typically fitted with a filtration system. ANKA air filter can keep the system operating safely and efficiently.


Oil Filter

ANKA compressor oil filter’s task is to remove all wear-promoting impurities from the oil without separating any special additives.


Oil-Gas Separator

In order to make the compressed air more pure, a high-quality separator is very necessary. ANKA separator can meet your requirements.

Controller and Sensor

The screw air compressor accessories you need, ANKA Parts has already found them for you


Polt Contorller (MAM Sries)

A very popular air compressor controller, easy to operate and stable in quality



For Use With Media Type in Compressors, Hydraulic, Industrial Process Monitoring, Irrigation System Pressure, Pumping Systems

Precision Filter and Drain


AK Series Precision Filter

All shells are cleaned, degreased and specially anti-corrosion treated before spraying to improve durability and can be applied to offshore platform operations. The precise threaded interface makes installation and maintenance easier and more convenient.


AH Series Precision Filter

AH precise filter can be matched with different drains, and we can select accessories according to the actual displacement to meet the requirements of different working conditions.


Auto Drain

Anka auto drain suitable for all kinds of air compressors, compressed air tanks, and air dryers, air filters, and pipes, etc.

Air Tools

The screw air compressor accessories you need, ANKA Parts has already found them for you


Air Impact Wrench

The air impact wrenches can deliver more power than cordless electric impact wrenches.

Screw Air Compressor


Screw Air Compressor

AIRBONA screw compressors are engineered for efficiency and durability, offering reliable performance and low maintenance. Ideal for various industries, they ensure optimal air supply.

Customized Solutions:

Our expert team can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.