Pressure Sensor

♦ Advanced temperature digital compensation, wide operating temperature range
♦ Stainless steel structure, and good medium compatibility
♦ High-precision, high-frequency response, and long-term stability

Applicable media: Liquid, gas and steam
Pressure range: 0~15MPa
Cell: ceramic capacitive pressure sensor
Pressure measurment: Gauge Pressure and sealing pressure
Output: 4-20mA/0.5-4.5V/1 -5V/0-5V/0-10V/I2C
Power supply: 24VDC/12VDC/5VDC/3.3V
Accuracy(linearity,Hysteresis and Repeatability): 0.5%F.S.
Compensation temperature: -20~85ºC
Ambient temperature: -40~125ºC
Working temperature: -40~125ºC
Temperature drift(zero): ±0.15% F.S. (-20~85ºC)
Temperature drift(full range): ±0.15% F.S. (-20~85ºC)
Electrical connection: Parkard, Cable outlet, M12, mini DIN43650
Mechanical connection: 7/16-20UNF (female), customazation
Housing material: 304 stainless steel(316SS for inner core)
Protection: IP65

Temperature Sensor

  • High EMC performance without impact on accuracy
  • High level of vibration and chock stability
  • Long term stability
  • High level of over-pressure stability
  • High IP degree
  • Wide choice of pressure connections, electrical connections, pressure ranges, output signal
BrandProduct NamePart NO.
Atlas CopcoTemperature sensor1089958001
BogeTemperature sensor639001701P
BogeTemperature sensor639001901P
BogeTemperature Sensor PT1000639002802P
BogeTemperature Sensor PT1001639002803P
CompairTemperature sensor98612-111
CompairTemperature sensor98612-126
CompairTemperature sensor100003018
Ingersoll RandTemperature sensor37952355
Ingersoll RandTemperature sensor39419668
Ingersoll RandTemperature sensor39556626
Ingersoll RandTemperature sensor39560628
Ingersoll RandTemperature sensor39585146
Ingersoll RandTemperature sensor39586227
SullairTemperature sensor02250058-087

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