If you sell screw compressors, you need ANKA Parts. If you repair screw compressors, you need ANKA Parts too.

Our Story

Professional Accessories Supplier

ANKA is a developing, manufacturing, and selling screw air compressor parts company. 

We provide high-quality and high-stability products for you with first-class technology, high quality raw materials. We also have advanced equipment, scientific experiments and detection methods, professional technicians, and skilled workers with rich experience.

Robinson Shang

Founder of ANKA Parts

It's All About Customers

There are many kinds of air compressor accessories. Not professional personnel may not be able to choose the correct accessories model. Our professional engineer team and sales team have rich experience. So far, we have solved air compressor accessories for more than 2000 customers’ problems.

Keep Improving

The R&D team is constantly upgrading products. So far, ANKA’s main products, Intake Valve and Precision Filter, have upgraded to 3.0. Based on the same price, there is a better user experience.

ANKA Parts

Good Products Start Here

Professional factory, professional equipment, professional team, this is why ANKA Parts can provide excellent products.

70 Countries and Regions

ANKA Parts serve screw air compressors in 70 countries and regions worldwide, and there will be more and more.

Short Delivery Time

Save 20% delivery time than peers, allowing customers to receive products earlier and never miss the peak sales season.

Customized Solutions:

Our expert team can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.