Unleashing the Potential: A Deep-Dive into the Turkish Compressed Air Market


The Turkish market for compressed air equipment and spare parts exhibits an exciting amalgamation of international and domestic brands, each carving their niche while contributing to the growth of the sector. At the forefront, we find brands like Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Kaeser, CP, and Sullair, alongside Chinese powerhouses like Baosi, Kaishan, Elang, SCR, and BONA. It is noteworthy that many renowned brands have strategically established their manufacturing units in China, leveraging the economic and quality advantages that Chinese parts offer.


Chinese-made parts are becoming increasingly popular due to a combination of cost-effectiveness and exceptional quality, providing a compelling reason for companies to pivot to China for sourcing their equipment. This affordability is achieved due to the mature manufacturing industry in China, which benefits from economies of scale, lower production costs, and highly efficient production processes.


Quality, a primary concern for any industry, is a hallmark of the Chinese manufacturers’ offerings. The Chinese-made parts, such as airend, intake valve, MPV, fan, and exchanger, are produced in compliance with strict quality control measures, resulting in high-performance products that match or even exceed international standards.


In the world of compressed air, each brand possesses unique strengths. Ingersoll Rand is known for its durability and efficient performance. Atlas Copco stands out for its technologically advanced, energy-saving features. Kaeser, a German manufacturer, offers premium quality and reliability. CP, on the other hand, is recognized for its robust designs and cost-effectiveness. Sullair excels in providing products that can withstand harsh operating conditions.


Among the Chinese brands, Baosi is appreciated for its competitive pricing and durability. Kaishan is renowned for its wide product range and innovation. Elang distinguishes itself with eco-friendly designs and excellent customer service. SCR is known for its advanced tech integration, and BONA is recognized for its highly efficient performance and customizable options.


The advent of Chinese manufacturing in the compressed air market brings new opportunities for Turkish businesses. Leveraging the cost and quality benefits of the Chinese-made parts, businesses can increase their competitive edge, improve their profit margins, and provide their customers with superior quality products. This shift will further enhance the Turkish compressed air market, marking a promising future for the industry.


It’s time to embrace the change, and as ANKA, we are at the forefront of facilitating this transition. With an excellent range of Chinese-made spare parts, we are ready to support your business’s growth and success in the compressed air market.

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