Understanding the AIV Series Intake Valves for Screw Air Compressors


As a key component in screw air compressor systems, intake valves play a pivotal role in regulating the flow of air into the compressor unit. The AIV series intake valves are specially designed to match a wide array of operating conditions, ensuring that your compressor functions efficiently and reliably. Here’s a closer look at the specifications and advantages of the AIV series intake valves that make them a must-have in your compressor setup.

Diverse Diameter Options for Varied Applications The AIV series offers a range of diameters from 25mm to 120mm, accommodating the needs of different compressors. Models such as the AIV-25B and AIV-25Y with a 25mm diameter are perfect for smaller applications, providing a flow rate between 0.5 to 1.2 cubic meters per minute. On the other end of the spectrum, the AIV-120B’s 120mm diameter can handle an impressive flow of 18-25 cubic meters per minute, suitable for industrial-scale operations.

Consistent Performance with Maximum Working Pressure All models in the AIV series are rated for a maximum working pressure of 16 Bar. This consistency across the range ensures that these intake valves can withstand the rigorous demands of most air compression systems, from the modest AIV-40A to the robust AIV-100.

Wide Temperature Range Compatibility One of the standout features of the AIV series intake valves is their ability to operate effectively across a broad temperature range. With a working medium temperature tolerance of -20 to 120 degrees Celsius and an overall working temperature range of -20 to 60 degrees Celsius, these valves are built to perform in various environmental conditions, from cold storages to high-temperature industrial settings.

Adaptability Across Models The AIV series includes various models such as AIV-40F, AIV-50A, and AIV-85F, each designed to ensure seamless integration with different compressor sizes and capacities. This adaptability makes the AIV series an excellent choice for businesses looking to maintain or upgrade their air compressor systems.

Ensuring Efficiency and Reliability Efficiency in air compressors is not just about energy consumption; it’s also about minimizing downtime and maintenance. The AIV series intake valves are engineered to meet these needs, offering reliability that translates to better operational efficiency and longevity for your compressor.

In conclusion, the AIV series intake valves are an essential upgrade for your screw air compressors. Whether you’re operating in extreme temperatures or require a valve that can handle high flow rates, the AIV series has a model to meet your needs. Investing in these intake valves means ensuring that your air compressor system is ready to deliver optimal performance under any conditions.

Remember, when choosing the right intake valve, consider both the diameter and flow rate requirements of your system to select the most appropriate AIV model. With the AIV series, you’re not just purchasing a component; you’re enhancing the heart of your air compression system.

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Please note that the AIV series intake valves specifications are subject to change, and it’s always best to check the latest details with our sales representatives.

Model DiameterFlow(m³/min)Max Working Pressure(Bar)Working Medium TemperatureWorking Temperature
AIV-25B 250.5-1.216-20-120-20-60
AIV-25Y 250.5-1.216-20-120-20-60
AIV-40A 40 1-2.516-20-120-20-60
AIV-40B 40 1-2.516-20-120-20-60
AIV-40C 40 1-2.516-20-120-20-60
AIV-40F 40 1-2.516-20-120-20-60
AIV-40J 40 1-2.516-20-120-20-60
AIV-50B 502.5-4.216-20-120-20-60
AIV-65C 654-716-20-120-20-60
AIV-85B 858-1416-20-120-20-60
AIV-100 10012-1816-20-120-20-60
AIV-120B 12018-2516-20-120-20-60

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