How does the precision filter of the air compressor work?

The precision filter function: Most compressed air contains three types of impurities: liquid water, oil, and dust. How does the precision remove these three impurities?

1. Carry compressed air containing harmful substances such as dust, oil, rust, and water into the first-stage filtering device of the compressed air filter.

2. When the compressed air passes through the first-stage cylindrical mesh filter element, a coalescence effect occurs, the larger particles will be adsorbed on the filter material, and the water will condense into larger water droplets.

3. When entering the separation chamber, the speed of the compressed air is slowed down, which makes the particles gather again, and the water mist condenses on a honeycomb water trap again.

4. The water carrying impurity particles flows along the bottom to the drainage device and is discharged through the automatic or electric drainage valve.

5. More than 95% of the water droplets, oil, and large particles in the compressed air have been filtered out by the first filter element, and the compressed air filtered by the first stage enters the second stage filter element.

6. When the compressed air passes through the second-stage fiber filter made of special cotton, thousands of small vortices will be generated. At the same time, the compressed air will be accelerated dozens of times, and the center of the vortex will be like a tornado, forming a vacuum state. The water droplets not filtered out in the first stage of filtration are again vaporized, converted, and filtered. At the same time, the particles as small as 5 microns are also completely removed by the second stage filter screen.

7. After two-stage filtration, clean and dry compressed air without dust, rust, oil, and water droplets can be achieved to ensure the normal operation of pneumatic equipment and prolong the service life of pneumatic equipment.

Note: Generally, the level configuration of the precision filter is carried out according to the customer’s working conditions: most of them are equipped with 1-3 levels of filtration, and 4-level filtration is also equipped for high requirements. And each level of the precision filter has a pressure difference of about 0.06-0.1mpa.

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