Discover the Essential Role of the Oil and Gas Separator Tank in Screw Air Compressors

gas oil separator

In the vast world of compressed air systems, understanding the individual components and their integral roles is the key to achieving maximum efficiency and optimal operation. One of the most pivotal parts of a screw air compressor is the oil and gas separator tank. In this blog, we, at ANKA PARTS, will take a deep dive into the significant role of this vital component, and why our ASME and CE-certified oil and gas tanks are your go-to solution, perfect for both European and North American markets.


Screw air compressors, often utilized in various heavy-duty applications, function on a principle of forcing air into a compressed state for use in a plethora of industrial applications. This compression process generates heat and leads to the inclusion of oil aerosols in the air. Here, the oil and gas separator tank steps in.


The oil and gas separator tank is a pressure vessel designed with a multilayered separation process. It systematically filters out oil particles from the compressed air, allowing clean, usable air to pass through while simultaneously cooling the system. It performs a dual role of air purification and system cooling, optimizing compressor efficiency and ensuring longer lifespan for your equipment.


The quality of your oil and gas separator tank cannot be overstated, as it directly affects the compressor’s performance. As a vital pressure vessel, choosing a poorly manufactured tank could lead to inefficiencies, downtime, and even dangerous system failures.


At ANKA PARTS, we understand the significance of this and are committed to delivering high-quality oil and gas separator tanks. We’re proud to state that our products bear both ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and CE (European Conformity) certifications. These accreditations are evidence of our commitment to safety, reliability, and high performance, meeting stringent standards required by the European and North American markets.


Our ASME-certified products are compliant with globally-recognized engineering standards, guaranteeing safety, quality, and durability. The CE marking on our oil and gas separator tanks signifies that our products fulfill the strict EU safety, health, and environmental requirements, giving our European customers peace of mind when investing in our products.


The icing on the cake? We offer customization. Recognizing that each client’s requirements are unique, we’ve made it a point to adapt and cater to your specific needs. Be it a specific capacity, particular pressure rating, or any other specialized requirement, our expert team is equipped to customize our oil and gas separator tanks to suit your operational needs perfectly.


In conclusion, the oil and gas separator tank is not just a component in your screw air compressor; it’s a vital contributor to your system’s overall performance, efficiency, and lifespan. By investing in our CE and ASME-certified oil and gas separator tanks, you are not only securing optimal performance but also ensuring the safety of your equipment. With our added customization service, you can be assured of a solution tailored specifically to meet your unique needs.


Remember, when dealing with pressure vessels like oil and gas separator tanks, quality is not just a preference; it’s an imperative. Choose wisely, choose ANKA PARTS – your reliable partner for superior quality screw air compressor parts.

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